Read Costa Caribe Coral by Hilton - Dominican Republic Hotel Reviews

Read Costa Caribe Coral by Hilton - Dominican Republic Hotel Reviews

Costa Caribe Coral by Hilton - Dominican RepublicHello everybody! Me and my wife are 25 and 26, have just returned from Costa Caribbean! Sooooo loved! We flew from Montreal to La Romana with Air Transat, the flight was fine, custom, registration at the airport of La Romana took about 20 minutes then taken by minibus Tours Mont-Royal to the hotel, the transfer took 30-40 min.

Check-in was long, took us about 1.5 hours, because we arrived at 2 pm and we had to wait until 3 pm to get the rooms cleaned after the previous visitors. In the meantime we went to the buffet and had lunch there. The room was very good to us, we had a king size bed, large balcony, plenty of TV channels (cable is very good, there are many movie channels in English, but not see much), a full bathroom. Some people who write some bad smell in the room, no, the room was very nice and clean. We have taken a few small gifts DollarStore every day and went to bed for our maid, so the room was clean and had even put fresh flowers in our room each day.
Costa Caribe Coral by Hilton - DominicanThe only problem we had with the room that we had no hot water for about 4 days, the water was a little hot and my wife complained that despite being well for me. I talked with people at the reception, but he took some time to get the problem resolved. In reality always takes some time to get to the Dominican smthg fact, never in a hurry. The hotel staff are very friendly, always smiling, like all other people who gathered outside the hotel. Are not asking for some advice from you, but when they are very happy. I must say that the Dominicans working in the hotel service get good wages and they do their job very well.

FOOD: The food at the buffet is good, it is almost the same every day, but you have the option of 3-4 salads, 3-4 types of meat and so on was enough for us. By the way some of the food in front of you, like the fried fish or meat, omelet in the morning, pasta (evenings only), pancakes, and some others. A good tip: At night go to restaurants! There are 3 of them: Mexico, Dominican and Italian. Open at 6:30 pm, not to be late as it fills quickly, so you'll have to wait, but you can always put your name on the waiting list and again after 30-40 min. 100% Mexican is the best! Also liked Dominicana.

Costa Caribe Coral by HiltonThe Italian is the 3rd place, in reality there is nothing Italian in the Italian restaurant, except the pasta and lasagnia. There is also a snack bar that operates at all times (24 hours / day), except when the buffet and the restaurants are open. You can always find hot dogs, hamburgers, fried chicken, french fries, salads, soups and fruit there. Drinks are unlimited! There is always a bar that is open, so if you've decided to have a Cuba Libre (rum and coca) at 7 am is easy. You drink as much as you want. People do not usually tip bartenders, but based on our experience, if the tip is always first no matter how many people around you. Not much tip $ 1-2 per day is ok to be friends with them all.

I remember your face and after that offer drinks without even asking. The last day of our stay we had a big party at the bar (bar or club), my wife is a professional waiter, was given no liquers he needed to have as much fun as possible. The beach is beautiful, come early to get a good place under a palm tree for a shade or an umbrella. If you arrive late and everything seems to be just looking around for a man who collects used plastic cups and other trash from the beach. Is a local man with short thin mustaches always wore jeans and a cap. You can find anything you need, then give him only a dollar. There are 2 tennis courts on the territory and if you have a partner to play with it is free to play with an instructor will cost about $ 20 per hour.

Costa Caribe Coral by Hilton - Dominican RepublicWe go to a single trip is a trip to Isla Saona, we liked a lot, you can see some beautiful beaches and it feels like in paradise, also visit an historic site and have a great trip on a catamaran boat. During the trip that you served with rum, but be ready to ask you some tips at the end of the trip. There is a diving center in the Aqua hotel which offers lot of activities like banana boat, diving, jet skiing and scuba diving course.

We paid $ 75 per person for the dive, it never did before and I liked it so much that I dream to dive again in the near future. The instructors are very professional and friendly. By the way my wife does not go back and we pay $ 75 for it without any problems. Never stayed in the pool because the sea was very warm, but salty. We took our diving equipment with us, but do not use it much because there is not much underwater life near the beach.

We have been in different countries and different hotels, but the first time in Dominican. And it was one of the best holiday so far! The hotel and services exceeded my expectations, although the shore might be a bit better, but still good. By the way on the eve of New Year's Show was one of the best events we have had lately (believe me that a lot), very pleasant and professional, fun and delicious food, beautiful fireworks too.

Costa Caribe Coral by HiltonOne of the things that they were tired of bachata and merengue music at the end of the trip I could not stand more! :) It's everywhere! The evening entertainment is fun, after you can go to the disco in the bar you can meet some people to have fun with. Finally I want to say that I believe is a true 4-star hotel with very good infrastructure, although a little old but still good. I would return here again and I sure would recommend it to my best friend.

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